Objectives. Promoting and strengthening of innovative technologies required in the translation of leads and candidates from animal to humans and vice versa to ensure the progression of qualified leads and candidates to the end of the pre-clinical phase and de-risk studies in clinical phase 1. This is restricted to advanced leads and candidate.

T3.1 One Health nanotechnology system for animal models studies: evaluation of the effect of the delivery approaches with biodegradable systems on the in vivo pharmacokinetics using different animal models (mice, hamsters and dogs). (D3.1)

T3.2 Coordination of imaging and target engagement studies. The EU RTD platforms and centres (EMBL, ESFR, OPENSCREEN, ELF) will be available to collaborate with the Action and accept PhD students for projects and experiments. (D3.2)

T3.3 Coordination and integration of omics studies (PROTEOMICS, Genomics, TRANSCRITTOMICS) and validation technologies, to better qualify the mechanism of action and drug resistance. All data will be deposited in the FARIDOM database. Protein targets and biological pathways from the omics studies will be validated through the evaluation of differential expression of proteins and their functional studies in cells models. (D3.3)

T3.4 SOP coordination on standardization of animal experiments through the collaboration with the European RTD platforms and Action platforms. In vivo studies design, use of prediction tools for reducing the number of animals. (D3.4)

T3.5 Ecotoxicology assays to detect the expected effect of the advanced candidate on animals and environment. (D3.5)

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Slavica Vaselek
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Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies
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